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Exhibiton at Zhi Space: 

RELIOUE OF THE LIGHT   光的遗迹 / 2018

Italo Calvino said " The city repeats itself so that something will stick in the mind…The city forced to remain motionless and always the same, in order to be more easily remembered, it has languished, disintegrated, disappeared. The earth has forgotten it all." When standing above him again, we forget our original desire become a memory now. 


We have resettled some of the materials from the shutdown textile mill (Xi'an Textile City) , hoping to find the symbol of the relics and give them new meanings through an artistically structural relationship. Weaving memories with different periods of oblivion, and with an alibi to identify the existence. We try to present the urban space and rediscover the value of daily life which was neglected. And in this process, " Relics survive in the present and strongly and profoundly influence the present, including the future. "


It is as if now, when we walk along with the guidance of light, all the relics that remain in time and life, only in the moment of pause and looking back, can we see their vivid panorama is still tenacious survival.



This exhibition is a related product of two long-term projects "Trace of the city" and "Endeictic space", initiated by Zhi Space and Generator Space. 


▲ Exhibition document  by Li Xin, Music by Wang Ying (Berlin)  展览纪录短片 制作: 李鑫,配乐:王颖(柏林)

Curators Collaborated with Zhi Space  联合策展人

Bai Ye, host of Generator Space, currently lives and works in Xi’an. He has been focusing on an abandoned factory known as Xi'an Textile City and collecting related materials to textile industry as well as workers since he moved into the Art District of Textile City in 2007 as one of the sponsors. In 2012, Bai started a local art experiment project there, set in the industrial ruins site. Later on, two solo exhibitions were held in Beijing Telescope Space in 2013 and 2016 separately, namely, Unapproachable Light and Disjuncture’s between Knowledge & System, both centre on his critical thinking of daily life and were shown via videos and installations. The following project he curated named Symptom Space has also started from 2017, which allows a great leeway to the participating artists as a trial. Bai’s work involves action art, video, installation and painting to underline how different fields closely associated with each other,between which the body,scene and relocated interspace, besides, the empirical process of time and space  throughout.  

白夜,现生活工作于西安 ,发生器空间主理。2007年发起并入住纺织城艺术区,对于纺织城废弃工厂开始关注,并持续收集和纺织工业及工人有关物件。2012年开启以纺织城工业废墟遗址为背景的纺织城在地艺术实践项目。2013和2016年在北京望远镜非营利空间举行个展:“不可抵达之光”和“知相生分”,作品为影像和装置,主要围绕日常生活思辨进行创作。2017年发起自理性在地实践项目“症状空间”。 白夜作品有行为、影像、装置、绘画等,强调身体和“现场”、“变场”不同场域密切联系,对时间和空间的经验过程。

LU Xiao, born in Xi’an, graduatedfrom L’École supérieure d’art et design Grenoble-Valence in France. She works and lives in China as an art teacher andan artist. During the graduation exhibition, her work received prizeFélicitation. In 2017, she was artist in residence of ISBA Besançon in France.Her works encompass video and performance and deal with deficits and thepassivity of the body. Her experimental body project “A Theatre Play about aPerformance” was realized in Dahua museum and OCAT in Xi’an. LIU Xiao has beenparticipating in art exhibitions and culture activities in China and abroad.Since 2016, she has become the main artist collaborator both with ZhijianWorkshop and Zhi Space.

鲁潇,生于西安,毕业于法国瓦朗斯高等艺术设计学院纯艺术方向,现作为艺术教师和自由艺术家工作生活于中国。其2014年研究生毕业创作获得评审团最高奖项。2017年,她参与法国贝桑松美院艺术驻留项目,其作品以影像、行为为主,主要探讨了身体存在的缺失以及被动状态。她的实验性身体项目“一场关于行为的剧场”曾在大华博物馆与西安OCAT开展。近几年,鲁潇活跃于国内外展览以及文化交流活动。从2016年起,她成为了Zhijian Workshop和Zhi空间的主要合作艺术家。

WANG Keyao, Architect & photographer, born in Xi’an

ZHANG Rubing, Architect & Designer, born in Xi’an

From 2011 to 2014, they were main co-designers inthe team for the renovation project of Dahua Cotton Mill. They founded Zhijian Workshop,which not only focusses on renovation research of old and industrial buildingsbut also undertakes design and art projects in the same field. In 2016, theyrenovated a physical space( together with Architect Zhou Litan) , named ZhiSpace which is situated in the heart of the Xi’an Dahua cotton mill factoryfrom the 1930s.In the same year, ZhijianWrokshop’s project“Traces of the city”received support andsponsorship from the German Chancellor Fellowship, Alexander von HumboldtFoundation.



2010年至2014年期间,他们作为整个设计团队其中的两位主要设计者,参与设计并完成了西安大华纱厂的改造。两人成立的设计研究机构ZhijianWorkshop 持续专注于旧建筑及工业建筑改造的研究,同时也积极参与相关的设计和艺术项目。2016年,他们与建筑师周力坦一起将大华纱厂核心位置的一栋1930年代的工业建筑内部进行改造,命名为Zhi空间——这一空间同时也作为平行于ZhijianWorkshop运行的艺术展览及事件空间。同年,ZhijianWorkshop的研究项目“城市的迹忆”得到德国洪堡基金会总理奖学金,赴德国进行相关研究。

Cooperative organization 合作机构

Zhi Space  Zhi空间

Generator Space  发生器艺术空间

Exhibition Preface 展览文字:  LU Xiao 鲁潇, WANG Keyao 王可尧

English Translation 英文翻译 : CHENG Yingfei 程映菲

Proofreader 英文校对 : DING Rui 丁睿 HU Jie胡洁

Poster Design 海报设计 : WANG Qian王茜,KONG Xiangqi 孔祥祺,WANG Huizhi王惠芝

Exhibiton Manager & Document  展览协调及影像纪录: LI Xin李鑫


▲ Elements  from  the shutdown textile mill (Xi'an Textile City),  Photo by Wang Keyao   西安纺织城厂房素材收集现场,摄影:王可尧
0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_33.jpg
0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_31.jpg
0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_32.jpg
0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_29.jpg
▲ Preparation of the exhibition in Zhi Space,  Photo by Wang Keyao   布展现场,摄影:王可尧
0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_37.jpg
▲ The exhibition of  RELIOUE OF THE LIGHT,  Photo by White South    展览现场,摄影:白南
0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_38.jpg
0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_39.jpg
0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_45.jpg
0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_46.jpg
0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_49.jpg
▲ The exhibition of  RELIOUE OF THE LIGHT,  Photo by Wang Keyao    展览现场,摄影:王可尧
LS-I0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_44.jpg
LS-I0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_47.jpg
▲ The exhibition of  RELIOUE OF THE LIGHT,  Photo by Li Xin    展览现场,摄影:李鑫
0519-光的遗迹  知无知分享会_页面_40.jpg
▲ The exhibition of  RELIOUE OF THE LIGHT,  Photo by White South    展览现场,摄影:白南
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