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Installation for “The Innocence's Art”

“The Innocence’s Art” is the autistic children’s art exhibition which is conducted by the Inside-out Art Museum (Beijing) in every spring since 2007. In the exhibition of 2014, it needs a special area to project a series of documentary about autistic children. So, we design and make a set of art installation: one is floating above the atrium of the exhibition hall which could contain double films on its inner interface; another, on the facing side, is a floating space which people could enter and see the films inside. The two part of the installation constitute a relevance and dialogue between “to see” and “be seen”, and provide some experiences related with autistic children’s mentation to audience.

Client                         Inside-out Art Museum, Beijing, China

Year                           2014

Status                        Completed

Curators                     Zhou Yi, Chang Qing

Partners                     Wang Keyao + Zhang Rubing

Collaborators             Song Jianjun           
Photograph                Wang Keyao

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