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Exhibiton from Zhi Space: 

RUINS IN  CLAUDE GLASS  克劳德镜中的废墟 / 2021

-- the 3rd Anniversary of RELIOUE OF THE LIGHT 光的遗迹 三周年的延续

Ruins are the continuation of people’s past lives. Therefore, the ruins could be seen as the places of nostalgia and reflection. Every ruin is its own story and the fictional nature in it reflects the real life and memory. Regardless of its scale, it could reflect the entire world as well.


Ruins are not static, but constantly changing and developing, just like the cities where people live. They “survive in the present, and strongly and profoundly influence the present, including the future."


The series of photography for this exhibition is a related product of two long-term projects "Trace of the city" and "Endeictic space", initiated by Zhi Space and Generator Space.

本次展览中的该摄影系列属于Zhijian Workshop + Zhi空间的长期项目“城市的迹忆”及发生器空间的长期项目“症状空间”的关联产物。


Starting from the memories in their photographs, four exhibitors re-examine ruins through their lens.This whole result from the common understanding and re-construction of the photographs, become independent image units in the Contemporary Cloud Glass Photography Exhibition curated by Uncertainty Space.  This exhibition about Ruins is also regarded as the off-site growth and the 3rd Anniversary of the space art exhibition:RELIOUE OF THE LIGHT held at Zhi Space,2018.


Curators & Exhibitors related with Zhi Space:

Lu Xiao 鲁潇, Li Xin 李鑫, Su Jian 苏间, Wang Keyao 王可尧

Curators for Contemporary Claude Glass, Uncertainty Space:

Zhao Manni 赵曼妮, Jian Liting (Taiwan) 简丽庭 (台湾)

▲ Post design by  Zhijian Workshop  海报设计: Zhijian Workshop
▲ Graphic design by  Zhao Manni  平面设计: 赵曼妮
▲ Photo by Lu Xiao   摄影:鲁潇
苏间-02- 20210227-某办公室-西安.jpg
▲ Photo by Su Jian   摄影:苏间
Li Xin-04-20210218-鹿牌暖瓶厂-北京-02.jpg
▲ Photo by Li Xin   摄影:李鑫
Li Xin-06-20210218-鹿牌暖瓶厂-北京-02.jpg
▲ Photo by Li Xin   摄影:李鑫
▲ Photo by Wang Keyao   摄影:王可尧
▲ Photo by Wang Keyao   摄影:王可尧
▲ Exhibition photo by Li Xin  展览现场摄影:李鑫        
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