Xi'an Dahua Cotton Mill Renovation

(During the CADG period)

The site of Dahua Cotton Mill is just on the side of Xi'an‘s Daming Palace Ruins Park which is the world historical heritage of Tang Dynasty.  And the cotton mill  itself which was founded in 1935 is the earliest modern fabric factory in northwest China. Therefore, under the principle of retaining the traces of city and collective memories in the site, it is important to show the potential of these industrial buildings which could involve multiple city life and functions to all people through the design.

Location                     Xi'an, China

Client                         Xi'an Qujiang Daming Palace Investment Group

Year                           2011-2014

Status                        Construction

Program                     Museum/ Gallery  / Theater / Restertant / Bar/ Hotel / Retails

Area                           89.000 sqm 

Major architects         Cui Kai + Wang Keyao + Zhang Rubing +Aurelien Chen

Landscape designer   Feng Jun

Collaborators             China Northwest Building Design Research Institute Co. LTD

                                   Western Institute of Seismic and Buliding Design

                                   Design Institute of Xi’an University of Architecture And Technology
Photographs               Feng Jun , Zhang Guangyuan , Aurelien Chen
Aerial Photograph       Frederique Henriques
Paper Model               Song Jianjun

Award                         Second Place at 2A Asia Architecture Award 2016 Old and New category - Vienna

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