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Zhijian workshop is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in China, France and Germany. Before founding their own practice, the partners have worked together at Cui Kai studio, China Architectural and Design Group, Beijing. They have a strong experience in small and large scale cultural and public projects, as well as renovation and historical projects. Since the Xi'an Dahua Cotton Mill renovation project, they have focused their work on the "traces of the city" topic, keeping in mind that the city, while continuously evolving, should not forget about its history and memory. 

Zhijian workshop, 是一个立足于中国,法国和德国的,跨多个领域的建筑设计及艺术文化的工作机构和团队。其创立者和所有的合伙人,均曾经在北京的中国知名大型设计机构——中国建筑设计研究院的崔恺工作室共同工作过。他们对于各种规模的公共项目、旧建筑及工业改造项目拥有丰富的经验。自从参与西安大华纺织厂改造项目以后,他们更多的把工作和研究的重点放在了“城市的痕迹”这一重要主题上,更强调城市在不断发展的同时,不应忽略它的历史和记忆。

Zhijian--in Chinese has different meanings, one of them is “between”, another one is “waving space”. Therefore, all of works in Zhijian  is trying to constitute new possibilities waving between design and art. Zhijian Workshop is also a platform and network for collaborating with designers,artists and innovators from different fields. The scope of activity ranges from architecture and urbanism, art installation, exhibition scenography, architectural photography, art photography, video, fabric& fashion design.

Zhijian在中文中有很多的含义,其中一个是“之间”,另一个是“织间”。因此,我们所有工作都试图在设计与艺术之间建构新的可能。同时,Zhijian Workshop也力图成为一个与来自不同领域的设计师,艺术家和创新者合作的平台:涉及建筑和城市规划,艺术策划,展览设计,建筑摄影,艺术摄影,影像及织物素材设计等多个相互关联领域。

Partner  主要合伙人

Wang Keyao 王可尧   

 Architect & photographer


Aurelien ChenFrench) 陈梦津

Architect & Structural engineer


Zhang Rubing  张汝冰   

Architect & Designer


Wang Keyao, Zhang Rubing, both of them are Grade A registered architects in China. They worked during 10 years at Cui Kai Studio (CADG) and specialized in cultural and historical projects as well as renovation projects. From 2010 to 2014, they were two of main co-designers in the team for the renovation project of Dahua Cotton Mill. 


Since they founded Zhijian Workshop, they have continued their research on industrial heritage through various kinds of media, and their project of Zhijian Workshop named "traces of the city" received received support and sponsorship from the German Chancellor Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, which led them to study industrial heritage in Germany in 2016-2017. In the same year, they renovated a physical space (together with Architect Zhou Litan), named Zhi Space which is situated in the heart of the Xi’an Dahua cotton mill factory from the 1930s.
从成立Zhijian Workshop以来,他们持续专注于旧建筑及工业建筑改造的研究,同时也积极参与相关的设计和艺术项目,并由于其相关研究项目“城市的迹忆”得到德国洪堡基金会总理奖学金,2016年至2017年赴德国进行相关工作和研究。同年,他们与建筑师周力坦一起将西安大华纱厂核心位置的一栋1930年代的工业建筑内部进行改造,命名为Zhi空间——这一空间同时也作为平行于Zhijian Workshop运行的艺术展览及事件空间。

Aurelien Chen graduated from ESTP, a leading French engineering school, and from the school of Architecture of Paris la Villette. In 2004 he studied at the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University where he studied the regeneration of the tradional Beijing urban tissue and continued this research in Beijing until his graduation in 2007. He worked at French Studio AREP on major Chinese projects such as Shanghai South Station and joined CuiKai Studio (China Architectural and Design Group) during ten years, where he specialized in cultural and historical projects as well as renovation projects, and completed the following projects. Then, he become one of main partners of ZhijianWorkshop. 

陈梦津毕业于法国行业内知名的ESTP工程学院及巴黎拉维莱特建筑学院。2004,他在清华大学建筑学院学习,重点研究北京传统城市组织的再生,并在北京继续这项研究,直到2007年。他曾在法国AREP设计公司参与了上海南站等重大的中国设计项目;随后的十年,他加入中国设计研究院崔恺工作室(现本土设计研究中心),专门从事文化建筑、历史建筑及工业建筑改造项目的设计,成为Zhijian Workshop的建筑设计主要合伙人。

Aurelien Chen is also an architectural photographer. He participated to several exhibitions worldwide, focusing on the urban transformation of China in the last fifteen years, and his work has recently been shortlisted at International Photography Awards 2017.


Li Xin 李鑫

Photographer & Project manager

摄影师, 设计及艺术项目管理

Li Xin had worked in Land-Based Rationalism D.R.C of CADG, as a manager of  the group and  design projects. From 2016, she focused on works of architectural photographer, art photographer, exhibiton curation and video etc.  2017,she became one of main partners of ZhijianWorkshop. She not only  kept on working in the field of architectural photographer and exhibiton curation,but also as the main design and art project manager both of ZhijianWorkshop and Zhi Space in Xi'an.

李鑫曾长期工作于中国建筑设计研究院本土设计中心,并参与团队及建筑设计项目管理的工作。2016年开始专注与建筑摄影、艺术摄影、展览策划及影像的工作领域。2017年成为Zhijian Workshop的主要合伙人,在继续进行影像拍摄和展览策划工作的同时,负责Zhijian WorkshopZhi空间的设计及艺术项目管理。

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